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Terms of Use is very sensitive to the protection of the personal data of its readers and its readers. All the rules applicable to the protection of your personal data, such as the technical protection measures of your digital data, appear in this document that you must accept when you first connect to the website. informs you that by continuing your navigation on our Services (in particular by means of a scrolling action or by clicking on "close this banner") you agree to the collection by of personal data concerning you in the described in these conditions.

1. collects some of your personal data

When you visit the website on a personal computer, tablet or mobile phone, collects and processes personal data about you that is necessary for to display online content that you want to view / view / read online. In accordance with European Regulation No. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of personal data (the "RGPD"), informs you that this is a data processing without consent "necessary to execution "of the contract between you," Reader ", and us," "(art.6.1 (f) RGPD). Among the data about you that processes, may use the processing or storage capabilities of your device (for example by the use of "cookies") as well as some technical data issued or transmitted by your terminal.

2. Identification of the person responsible for the processing of your personal data

By collecting and processing the personal data of its Online Readers, acts as the data controller.

The details of the "RGPD rights" that are offered by to its Readers can be found in section 8 of the privacy policy.

3. Purpose of processing your personal data

All personal data collected directly and processed directly by from its website is intended to enable to technically provide a high performance service for its readers (improve your browsing on our website) and the necessary computer security the proper functioning of the website (technical identification of your terminal for example).

This data is collected either automatically when connecting your terminal to the website, or when you send information about yourself to (for example via registration forms or login to your member area ) and are intended to enable to technically operate the website and the use of the various services offered on the website.

Except to allow to offer you a personalized online advertising service, undertakes not to market your personal data to third parties, except to inform you and possibly ask for your prior consent.

IP addresses and cookie values ​​are collected by the CMPA for purely statistical audience measurement purposes. They may be processed by TNS Sofres and any subcontractors, including Médiamétrie, as part of the ONE Next Press Audience Measurement Survey.

IP addresses and advertising identifiers are collected by the CMPA for purely statistical audience measurement purposes. They may be processed by TNS Sofres and any subcontractors, including Médiamétrie, as part of the ONE Next Press Audience Measurement Survey.

More details on the page describing the use of the CMPA's personal data.

4. Retention period of your personal data agrees to keep your personal data for a period of two (2) years from your last login to the website If you do not reconnect to our website during this period, will erase all of your personal data, retaining only minimal data allowing to justify actions taken on your data as part of exercise your GDPR rights.

The retention period of your personal data may be different when you use one or more of the services offered to you online on the website Each of these services will indicate the retention period specifically adopted by

5. Details of the data collected by

The categories of personal data about you collected and processed by are as follows:

the IP addresses of the terminals (in particular computer, tablet, smartphone) that you use to consult the website
URL hyperlink history (or http link) through which you access the website
technical data relating to your terminal and to the web browser software (browser or browser) of your terminal that you use to consult the website (operating system of the terminal, version of the browser, etc.)

6. Recipients of your personal data

Honapost.comis the sole recipient of the personal data collected from the website and processed by has put in place an empowering policy for its employees and employees so that only your employees or employees with a professional interest can access your personal data in the course of their duties.

For purely technical reasons, may have to subcontract certain services to its charge (such as hosting the website In all cases of subcontracting the processing of some of your personal data, has set up a contractual policy with each of its subcontractors so that the security of your data is ensured by each subcontractor from under conditions at least as high as those put in place by has taken special care to ensure that none of its subcontractors with direct access to your personal data has the right to reproduce for your benefit or for the benefit of anyone your data. nor of course to market them.

In the event that subcontracts all or part of your personal data, will remain solely responsible for the treatment of you. In general, has put in place an internal policy allowing it to ensure that each of its subcontractors concerned respects all the legal and technical protection of your personal data in accordance with this commitment Honapost. com to you.

Finally, reminds you that your personal data are stored on servers located exclusively on the territory of the European Union and guarantees that no transfer of your data to a country outside the European Union will take place, except (i) to inform you in advance and, possibly, to ask for your approval or (ii) if the country concerned has an official decision of adequacy of the European Union which guarantees that your data will be protected in a equivalent in the country concerned.

7. Technical measures to protect your personal data

In order to allow you to read the content offered on the website, has implemented measures to authenticate its site with a security certificate. Thus, your connection to the website is secure if you see the address https: // ("s" as secure) in the URL of your browser. This secure connection between your terminal and our servers gives you maximum guarantees of secure transfer of your data.

8. Your rights to your personal data processed by

To exercise your "rights RGPD" recalled below, you must contact directly under the conditions set out below. In case of "reasonable doubt" about your identity, may ask you to provide additional information necessary to confirm your identity and to wait to receive this additional information before any action regarding your data.

8.1. Proof of your identity

In order for to identify you as the person actually affected by the right of access and / or rectification, you must send a copy of both sides of your identity card by post, specifying also your email address. No request will be taken into account by if you do not receive proof of your identity.

8.2. Right of access (article 15 RGPD)

You have the right to request directly, without charge, to confirm (or not) the existence of the processing of personal data about you. If actually processes personal data about you, undertakes to send you within thirty (30) days of your request, electronically, to the email address you indicate (i) a complete copy such data and information about you and (ii) all the additional information (including the purposes and recipients of the processing, the categories and the retention period of the data) set out in Article 13 RGPD.

However, reminds you that the exercise of the right to access and receive a copy of your data is free if you exercise it under reasonable conditions. If your requests for access rights are "manifestly unfounded or excessive, especially because of their repetitive nature" (article 12.5 RGPD), may refuse to answer you or ask you for a financial contribution for the provision of this information .

You can exercise your right of access by writing to " for the attention of the Data Protection Officer - 24/26 rue Cotentin 75015 Paris with a copy of your identity card. then undertakes to give you online access to all of your data and information that is required to communicate to you. will not make any "hard copy" sending of this information.

8.3. Right of rectification (Article 16 RGPD)

If you are indeed a reader of the website, you can obtain from, as soon as possible, the rectification of the personal data concerning you if this data were to be inaccurate.

To exercise your right of rectification on the data that you have entered when creating or modifying your member area online, it is your responsibility to make this correction online on your member area.

8.4. Notification of personal data breaches (Section 34 GDPR)

Any "violation" of your personal data that would be found by (and that would result in accidental or unlawful access or unauthorized disclosure, alteration, loss or destruction of all or part of your personal data) will be the object of information to the National Commission Informatique et Libertés at the latest in the 72 hours of the discovery by of this violation.

If this violation of your personal data would involve a high risk for your rights and freedoms, is committed to inform you as soon as possible, except:

If has implemented technical and organizational protection measures and if these measures have been applied to your personal data affected by such violation, such as measures that make your [personal] data incomprehensible to anyone who is not not allowed to access it
if has taken subsequent steps that ensure that the high risk to your rights and freedoms is no longer likely to materialize
if this information would require disproportionate effort for In this case, commits itself to a public communication or to a similar measure allowing you to be informed in a just as effective way.

9. Newsletter and withdrawal of consent

If you wish to receive the newsletter of, it is necessary that you enter your e-mail address in the field specially provided online for this purpose. By entering your email address and clicking on "Subscribe", you give your consent for to send you, during the term of your subscription, information in electronic form to the email address you have entered. There is no other use by of your registration address than sending the newsletter.

Each shipment of will contain an active http link allowing you to unsubscribe at any time, free of charge, without justification and with immediate effect (right to withdraw consent art.7.3 RGPD). Your email address will then be permanently deleted from the information database.

Right to oppose prospecting / profiling (Section 21 GDPR)

10. Profiling for the purpose of personalizing the advertising displayed online

Access to the website is free. In return for the free service that is offered online by, markets advertising space on its website. In order to personalize the advertisements that appear on the web pages of its site, operates a processing for purposes of prospecting / profiling your personal data.

If you do not want to profile your personal data for the personalization of advertisements that may appear on the website when you consult it, you will have the free and permanent right to oppose any prospecting / profiling of your personal data by You just have to click on the online option "stop personalization". The exercise of your right of opposition will be taken into account within a maximum period of 7 days.

To inform of your decision to no longer accept the profiling of your personal data, you can contact us at

11. Use of your personal data by for commercial prospecting purposes may use your personal data for the purpose of promoting its other products or services. If you do not want to use your personal data for this specific purpose, you have the free and permanent right to oppose any investigation of your personal data by

This right to oppose prospecting / profiling will be recalled to you in each electronic communication of prospection of which would be addressed to you. If you click on the unsubscribe link to any commercial prospection from or one of the contractual partners of, all of your personal data used by for this Prospecting are then permanently erased from the databases of and will inform each of its trading partners of your decision to stop any prospection.

To inform of your decision to no longer receive a commercial proposal from or its partners, you can write to For the attention of the sales department - 24-26 rue du Cotentin - 75015 Paris.

If you exercise your right to oppose any prospection or profiling by, undertakes to notify as soon as possible to its commercial or technical partners the exercise of your rights.

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